The Smart 50 Awards currently take place in Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh, PA (October 27, 2020)

Since 2014, the Pittsburgh Smart 50 Awards recognize the top executives of the 50 smartest companies in the Greater Pittsburgh region for their ability to effectively build and lead successful organizations. All 50 winners are honored at a special celebration, and three organizations receive specialty awards for their achievements in three category areas – innovation, impact and sustainability.

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Joe Altieri learned the value of creating amazing teams and healthy organizational cultures from his father and grandfather, both of whom owned thriving businesses when he was young. He started working in the window industry as an independent manufacturers’ sales rep in his early 20s and, during his more than 20 years in the window industry, Altieri recognized the inherent problems with traditional window screens and dealt personally with constant customer frustrations.

He knew there had to be a better way, so he set up shop in his garage and got to work. After years of trial and error, FlexScreen, the world’s first and only flexible window screen, was born. Since its introduction into the marketplace, FlexScreen, which Altieri leads as president, has gained international attention and earned multiple awards.

FlexScreen was the recipient of the Most Innovative Window Component in 2015 presented by Window & Door® magazine, and was a top 3 contender in the 2020 Edison Awards “Consumer Goods - Home Solutions” category, earning the Silver award. To learn more, visit www.flexscreen.com.


FlexScreen Smart 50 Award Winner

USI is excited to partner with Smart Business Network for the second year in a row to announce and recognize the honorees of the Smart 50 awards for 2021. The events of 2020 presented unique challenges to the way we do business, the communities in which we operate and the very health of our employees. As we approach the end of 2021, there were many great examples of how companies and their employees adapted to these challenges and not only survived but thrived. USI is proud to be part of this community and help celebrate and recognize leaders that led during these trying times.

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