The World's First and Only
Flexible Window Screen


About FlexScreen

FlexScreen began in 2013 when Inventor & CEO, Joe Altieri, took to his garage and created "the world's first and only flexible window screen." Designed to solve all of the problems with the frustrating, 100-year-old technology of old-style aluminum screens, FlexScreen was unlike anything the window industry had ever seen.

A few years and several patents later, FlexScreen hit the marketplace and became available to window manufacturers and dealers only. Although many showed great interest, they were slow to come on board, so Joe decided to expand the business plan and sell directly to consumers too. He put a robust digital marketing plan in place to raise brand awareness, and through those efforts, FlexScreen gained the attention of producers at ABC's hit reality show, Shark Tank.

Joe was invited to present his flexible window screen to the Sharks, and he appeared in Season 11, Episode 10 to a national television audience of 30+ million and hooked a deal with the Queen of QVC, Lori Greiner. Sales skyrocketed, and FlexScreen was featured a second time in a Shark Tank Update segment in Season 12 when Lori said, "Our goal with FlexScreen is to replace the window screen industry completely."

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We ❤️ Full Screens.

Your windows were made for full screens, but old-style aluminum full screens are pretty much a nightmare. We fixed that, too:


We love full screens, but please note that we do still offer half screens - only to window manufacturers.

Mesh Types

A screen mesh for every customer



We understand that cost is important to you, and our standard mesh won't disappoint! This common window screen mesh will do the basic job of keeping bugs out and letting fresh air in. Keep in mind, if you'd like to upgrade your view and clean your screens less, our FlexView™ Clean mesh is a great option for only a few dollars more!



This mesh provides superior visibility and a hydrophobic water-repelling coating that helps keep your screens springtime clean all year round. These features make FlexView™ Clean our most popular mesh option.



If some of your best friends have paws, you may want to consider our FlexView™ Tuff mesh upgrade. This is the ultimate rip and tear-resistant mesh and a great choice for pet owners. (Please note: We do not guarantee that determined pets could not still cause some damage. There is no vinyl mesh option that is completely pet-proof.)



Perfect for very sunny, high-heat regions, our FlexView™ Solar upgrade blocks 60% of UV radiation, greatly reducing the fade of your carpet and furniture while helping to keep rooms cool during the sunniest of days. (Please note: This option will decrease the amount of light that filters through your screens.)



Designed to keep out no-see-ums, gnats, sand flies, and other irritating insects while providing superior visibility. Upgrade to FlexView Small Insect and enjoy opening your windows again.

Innovative Screens - Innovative Packaging

Featuring ClearBox™ Technology


Better Protection

Although it looks like regular plastic, our FlexPack™ material is more protective and puncture-resistant than cardboard! Forget about the common frustration of window screens showing up to your job site already damaged.

More Convenient

Keep all of your screens for a job securely in one place. When you're ready, our screens will be easy to find, easy to install, and damage-free!

Less Waste

The FlexPack™ material from even our largest screen orders can be balled up as small as a baseball and tossed in the trash. No more breaking down boxes, piling them up and hauling them to the dumpster.

Amped Up Cool Factor

Why would we want to hide those sexy, flexible, indestructible window screens? Our FlexPacks™ with ClearBox™ technology allow you to see exactly what's inside each package, and they look great doing it! We know that no one asked for this, but here we are - over-delivering once again!

How is FlexScreen Shipped?

Sequenced on Returnable Carts

Palletized For LTL Carriers

Boxed* For UPS & FedEX Shipping

*Boxes will be replaced with the new FlexPacks™

Pittsburgh, PA

Detroit, MI

Atlanta, GA

Vermillon, SD