Why Settle For Century-Old Technology and Unhappy Customers?

Welcome to the future of window screens.

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FlexScreen is revolutionizing the window industry with its patented, problem-solving design that is beautifully invisible, damage resistant, simple, and effortless to install.


Bend and damage easily

Need to be color-matched

Impede your view

Contain complicated hardware

Frustrating installation and removal

High cost of ownership

Replacement rate: 1 per 30 units

FULL-No Trademark

Nearly indestructible

No color matching necessary

Full view

No hardware

Effortless installation and removal

5 durable mesh options


Replacement rate: 1 per 3,300 units

Beautifully Invisible

FlexScreen's sleek, flexible frame hides in your window's screen track or pocket and virtually disappears; this is unlike other bulky aluminum frames that block a significant portion of your view! There is no other window screen in the world that offers this feature.

With FlexScreen, you'll not only enjoy the view - you'll enjoy the ENTIRE view!

about flexscreen beautifully invisible
about flexscreen simple design clear view

Damage Resistant

Say goodbye to the flimsy aluminum frames that make your customers crazy!

The core of the FlexScreen frame is high-carbon, oil-tempered, phosphate-enhanced spring steel - #1 on the list of the ten strongest metals in the world. That's a mouthful! So the easiest way to remember is that our frames are made of the same material as garage door springs and your car's shock absorbers. The outer layer is exterior-grade, high-performance, Duralloy PVC - the same protective coating used on metal, outdoor park benches, and dishwasher racks.

FlexScreen is built to last! We've run them over, thrown them off buildings, pounded the frame with hammers (see video below), and dragged our screens behind cars with no damage. Harsh climates? No problem! Our frames have undergone 4000+ hours of salt spray testing as well as high wind scenarios. A properly fitted FlexScreen will perform beautifully in all weather conditions!

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Simple Design

FlexScreen is the first-ever and ONLY window screen to include ZERO attachment hardware! No more fumbling with p-pins, knife latches, and other complicated, frustrating attachment methods.

Our revolutionary, flexible design snaps into place in seconds, removes just as quickly, and stores in a third of the space of traditional screens. But with FlexScreen, there's no need to store your screens! Our spring steel frame is coated in exterior-grade PVC and is so durable that it can withstand even the harshest elements. Leave your window screens in year-round with no worries, and save space!


Effortless Installation

Full screens, half screens, split screens - from outside or inside the home - FlexScreen installation and removal are ridiculously simple!

No attachment hardware
No hassle
No headaches

Install an entire house with FlexScreens in less than 10 minutes!

Watch these videos to see the beauty of FlexScreen's simplicity:

How to Install & Remove Full Screens

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How to Install & Remove Half Screens

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How to Install & Remove Split Screens

For window openings larger than our maximum screen size, we offer a split screen option that utilizes two full screens for complete coverage.

See how it works here:

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