How to Repair a FlexScreen Window Screen

FlexScreen can be easily rescreened onsite with the proper tools. If damage to the mesh occurs, there is no need to send the screen back or order a new one!

Scroll down for a detailed repair demonstration video and tool purchasing information.

How To Rescreen a FlexScreen

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  • 1 Lay FlexScreen mesh side down.
  • 2 Use the FlexScreen mini heat press.
  • 3 Secure the new mesh down in one corner.
  • 4 Pull taught along edge & drag tool towards other corner.
  • 5 Repeat along all edges.
  • 6 Remove original damaged mesh

Purchase The FlexScreen Mini Heat Press


Click the link below to go on Amazon™ and purchase the FlexScreen recommended mini heat press. This is the official recommendation by FlexScreen for rescreening.

*PLEASE NOTE: FlexScreen is not responsible for shipping or product quality. If you experience any issues with your purchase, please contact Amazon™ directly.

FlexScreen Rescreen Image

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