Can FlexScreen Be Repaired?


How to Repair FlexScreen Window Screen

FlexScreen can easily be repaired and rescreened onsite with the proper tools. If damage to the mesh occurs, there is no need to send the screen back or order a new one! Watch the video below for full details and a demonstration.

  • 1 Lay FlexScreen mesh side down.
  • 2 Use FlexScreen repair bit on a creative versa tool.
  • 3 Tack the new mesh down in one corner.
  • 4 Pull taught along edge & drag tool towards other corner.
  • 5 Repeat along all edges.
  • 6 Remove original damaged mesh

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FlexScreen Repair Tip

The FlexScreen Repair Tool Tip attaches to an electric Creative Versa Tool. The Versa Tool can be purchased at Amazon, craft stores or many home improvement big-box retailers.

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