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"A panel of judges representing all segments of the residential fenestration industry reviewed nominations and selected winners based on a specific set of criteria for each category."

"The Edison Awards™ Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners are chosen as the 'best of the best' within their respective categories by some of the world's top senior business executives, designers, academics and innovative leaders."

"Since 2014, the Pittsburgh Smart 50 Awards recognize the top executives of the 50 smartest companies in the Greater Pittsburgh region for their achievements in three category areas - innovation, impact and sustainability."

"On Sunday’s Shark Tank, a Pittsburgh native opened himself a window of opportunity, as the ABC show returned after a holiday break with a taste for warmer weather."

"FlexScreen received the Business Intelligence Group's Big Award for Business and was named 2020 Product of the Year in the Small Business category."

"Officials for FlexScreen announced today that the company finalized its equity partnership with entrepreneur and investor Lori Greiner. The partnership stems from the company’s appearance January 5, 2020, on ABC’s Shark Tank, in which president and CEO Joe Altieri pitched his 'first and only flexible window screen,' landing interest among all three of the show’s investors (Sharks)."

"The atmosphere was electric, and I felt I was truly fulfilling my own version of the ‘American Dream’."

"I almost ignored the first e-mail I received from Shark Tank, thinking it must be a joke. But when my phone rang and Sony Pictures was on the caller ID, the reality began to sink in. They said they believed my product was a perfect fit for the show and asked if I would like to move forward—the opportunity of a lifetime in a simple phone call."

"By partnering with Saint-Gobain, FlexScreen will continue to empower a new generation of infrastructure that is award-winning, safe, cost-friendly, and backed by science to provide effortless installation, beautiful invisibility, and simplistic design."

"Joe Altieri was the last entrepreneur in the tank seeking an investment for his business, FlexScreens, the world's first and only flexible window screen. Unlike traditional screens, FlexScreens can bend without damaging their shape, which makes for the most efficient installation."

"As the CDC continues to recommend opening windows for proper ventilation of both residential and commercial properties, window screens increasingly play a significant role in the safe reopening of the world’s brick and mortar economy. By partnering with Saint-Gobain, FlexScreen will continue to empower a new generation of infrastructure."

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“I’m a big fan of FlexScreen! When I look back on my 25 years in this industry there hasn’t been a lot of changes when it comes to product innovation, especially with screens. FlexScreen not only provides a solution to an existing problem with full screens, it also provides a unique selling feature. The product gives our dealers an opportunity to not only provide a better product, but an option that can be sold at a high value. When you can create value like FlexScreen has with their product, you can maximize revenue and profits… In the end, that’s what we are all here for. FlexScreen provides that and peace of mind that every remodeler and homeowner are looking for. It’s a perfect product with great marketing support.

Congrats to Joe and his team for being innovators and creative in everything they do. I am not surprised at their success.”

Dan Higey


Harvey 2

“FlexScreen allows us to offer an innovative screen solution for our painted vinyl windows by using an almost invisible frame. It’s our go-to screen.”

Dan Birch

Product Manager | Harvey Windows

MI Windows and Doors

“We’re always looking for unique products that elevate our brand and give our customers a competitive advantage. FlexScreen fits that bill. It’s a unique differentiator that our customers can sell inside the home.”

Josh Williard

Director of Products | MI Windows

Slocomb windows and doors

"As 2020 created unprecedented obstacles for our Industry in general, it became clear to me that our customer base needed extra ammunition to offer their consumers. We made the decision to push further with our FlexScreen program. It has turned out to be a good decision for us. Packaging this screen package as standard on certain lines of products, was a win - win scenario for our customers and ourselves. With us having this relationship with Joe and their crew at FlexScreen since their beginning, our confidence level was high, that as a supplier and vendor, we could rely on what they told us. Great job by all. Thanks."

Randy Overcash

VP Sales | Slocomb Windows and Doors


"FlexScreen not only provides us at Wallside Windows with a great product that customers love, but the customer service and responsiveness to any issue is unrivaled among our largest suppliers.  We have been a FlexScreen customer since 2016 and have achieved double-digit growth since then with the help of FlexScreen."

Adam Blanck

Wallside Windows

HomeGuard Text-2

"When I first saw FlexScreen, I was excited to see the first really new innovation in the window business in a long time. After meeting Joe and his team and learning more about his product we were even more excited. FlexScreen has given us the ability to differentiate our product, offer a screen option that really makes sense and allow our dealers Something really unique. We continue to grow our partnership with FlexScreen and know that we will mutually benefit from this wonderful relationship."

Brian Barbieri

President | Home Guard Doors & Windows


“At KHPP Windows and Doors, our ownership immediately saw the value that FlexScreen was going to bring to the replacement window market.  In fact, we are proud to be recognized as FlexScreen’s first manufacturing customer!  As our relationship has expanded, we have elected to make the offering a standard for specific product lines and series.  Additionally, we have several dealers around the country that have chosen FlexScreen as their window screen of choice based upon its value, functionality and warm reception by homeowners.”

Alex L. Cook

Chief Experience Officer

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"In the window industry, we are constantly looking at ways to innovate and differentiate. Whether you are a window manufacturer or a window dealer, you want to stand out from the crowd. FlexScreen allows you to do just that, differentiate yourself. With the popularity of FlexScreen, homeowners continue to specify FlexScreen as part of their window package and window manufacturers continue to make it standard in their product offerings. Flexscreen continues to help me connect with my customers!"

Ty Schwartz

Chief Happiness Officer and Partner | Zen Windows Carolina

Vinyl Design Corp

"Partnering with FlexScreen has helped Vinyl Design stay ahead of industry innovations.  Many of our customers have embraced FlexScreen to the point they refuse to reconsider using the old mechanical screen systems."

R. Joseph Shoots

Vice President | Vinyl Design Corporation


“We've been very pleased with the quality and quick delivery of FlexScreen. We appreciate the many advantages, including not having to manufacture screens or carry inventory, and our customers love the durability, ease, and simplicity of FlexScreen. Great company, people, and product!”

Brad Bushaw

Minnkota Windows


"When our window dealers are looking for an option that elevates them from the ordinary, FlexScreen is a great choice!"

Laura Doerger-Roberts

President | Vinyl Max

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 3.45.14 PM

"One of the best items we incorporated into our Manchester and Cityline/Timberline Casement Product Line was FlexScreen. This decision has improved customer satisfaction along with increasing the profitability of our company. We really appreciate our relationship with FlexScreen."

Dave Harrell

Director of Product Management Services | Quaker Window and Door Company


"Not only does FlexScreen have a product that homeowners want, they have a great team to support our marketing, sales and customer service.  They are great to work with!"

Geoff Roise

Lindsay Windows

Euro Vinyl Windows and Doors Inc.

"FlexScreen is the innovative product we have been anticipating for years and it is lead by a true inventor that has taken a traditional everyday product and elevated it. The business model flourished on the mainstream network show Shark Tank, which placed our industry in a new and exciting spotlight. FlexScreen has invested into providing a customer direct website while supporting window manufacturers to include it within their new windows. Brilliant!"

Laura Weil

euro + glasshaus

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"Having been in the window business for more than 45 years, I have seen lots of advances highlighting welded frames, various spacers, double pane, triple pane, low E Argon and more.  And, by far the “pain” in the industry has always been the screen. Frames bend, become out of shape, fall out and, of course, it always becomes the problem of the contractor. 

Having now being introduced to FlexScreen, I must admit to being re-excited about the industry and better than my own excitement is the response of our customers! THEY LOVE IT! 

FlexScreen is not only a new and exciting product for the industry to present, it also absolutely targets the customers' needs and concerns regarding the screen.  And....BULLSEYE! It’s attractive, secure, functional and problem free! And, without a doubt...it helps sell the window! 

Our salespeople are excited about it and I attribute growth in our sales to the inclusion of FlexScreen. Not too many ”magic pills” out there...FLEXSCREEN IS THE MAGIC PILL! 

Personally, I am grateful to Joe Altieri for not only developing and introducing FlexScreen, but also for understanding our business beyond the score and for making himself available to me and my sales team with unprecedented willingness. It’s a pretty good feeling to be a part of his plan."

Jake Jacobson

Sales Manager | Elite Remodeling