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  • Requires only 3 operators
  • Produces 1 screen per minute
  • Approximately 1/3 the cost of our full line
  • Can be upgraded to full automation at any time
  • Perfect for companies producing <500 screens per day

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The FlexScreen Mini Line is the perfect solution for companies who want to dip their toe into the efficient, cost-saving world of automation but aren't quite ready to commit to our fully automated line.

Our Mini Line can produce one FlexScreen per minute on your floor, with only three operators, in a fraction of the space it takes to make old-style screens.

Offering many of the benefits of our fully automated line, the option of seamless future customization, and a budget-friendly price, the FlexScreen Mini Line is a smart first step into the future of window screens!

"FlexScreen is one of the most innovative household products we've seen on Shark Tank. Licensing the manufacturing technology was the next logical step in making FlexScreen the industry standard. I'm excited to be a part of history in the making and proud to partner with Joe and his amazing team."

-Lori Greiner